turns 4!

I’m glad I chose the subject of comfort food for my little blogoversary blowout (click here for details). Our choices vary, all very interesting, though I admit I’m not a bit surprised to find such diversity. After all, it is about what soothes us during tough and trying times, or makes us feel good after a hard day’s work, or simply the craving synonymous with rainy days that make us reminisce on days long gone. Like ripping open a wrapped bar of chocolate, or cooking a pot of hearty soup the way our moms do it. So before we get … Continue reading turns 4!

Filipino Restaurant Menu – The People’s Choice

About a month ago, I asked my readers the question “What if you open a Filipino restaurant in a foreign country?” through few polls I ran simultaneously. Well, I am happy to share the results. Over 110 participated in the main poll! Woo hoo! Thanks heaps to all of you! Here are the poll results in full: Adobo is a no-brainer. Everyone loves this perfect blend of vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and spices. Even with non-pinoys, it is always a hit! I served adobong manok last week for a potluck dinner in our office and was quite proud to see … Continue reading Filipino Restaurant Menu – The People’s Choice

Foodie Musings

I believe 2 things influence the way I cook for my family and myself. Unang-una, Ilocano at Batanguena ang mga magulang ko. That fact triggers different kinds of comments from ridiculous to outrageous and hilarious. So just imagine the way I cook. Hahaha go figure. Seriously, both of them are wonderful cooks in their own special way. Dad, an accountant, is kind of meticulous while Mom is more adventurous with ingredients. They managed a carinderia for years, more of a hobby than an income-generating business venture. Don’t get surprised; there were times when I did the cooking. Having lived abroad … Continue reading Foodie Musings