Rock Lobster!

It was around 3pm and funny how the sun rays were almost parallel to the ground and hit the crayfish plate on the kitchen bar from the living room glazing. Yeah, I know. It looks like a villain from a sci-fi alien movie.

Like shrimp heads, crayfish head is really yummy. Especially when this big. My friends E&T gave me 3 foot-long crayfish heads and this is my first time to cook this mean-looking freshwater crustaceans also known as rock lobsters. I followed my instinct and thought about halabos na hipon.

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Steamed Mussels

There are so much ways to cook mussels. I usually have ‘em marinated in lemon, buttered, steamed with sweet chili sauce or baked with garlic and cheese. Friday night, I went back to basics but with a little difference. Mom’s way is to sprinkle salt all over the mussels, shelled and all, and steam until cooked. I basically did the same but with a dash of pepper and a bit of presentation.

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