Ampalaya Guisado

I have always liked my ampalaya (bitter melon) chunky and crispy, sauteed with tomatoes and served sizzling with thick sauce, Chinese-style. But mama, my friend T‘s mom, cooks it differently. Notice the thin ringlets sans tomato color, they’re light green that you may say they’re overcooked but I couldn’t say it ain’t yummy because the truth is… I love it! Mama didnt go into the trouble of trying to de-bitter the vegetable and lose the vital nutrients but it’s really surprising the dish wasn’t bitter at all. Hmm… is it NZ bitter melon or I just have high tolerance for bitter flavor?

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Pork and Peapods Stir-fry

Outstation again and I’m calling it a day after hours of working on a new project. But before I take a shower and watch the season finale of CSI tonight at AXN Asia, lemme share this recipe; another variation of peapods stir-fry. (Yeah, I have all my food photos with me for blogging hehehehehe….) Not only a much simpler method than the one with cornstarch for a thicker sauce, this is also about meat and vegetables in its natural flavor you’re gonna love even the crunchy onion slices.

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