Iska's triple choc muffins

La.Pi.S#27: Holiday Goodies

I only have this week and I’m off for Christmas holiday! Yey! (1 1/2 day next week doesn’t count at all.) I decided I’m gonna be spending those days practicing a couple of cupcake and muffin recipes for giveaways. Nothing dead tedious, just pretty basic but definitely something to be proud of. Probably work on some new frosting to jazz up my vanilla cupcakes and chocolate muffins.

These are mini triple choc muffins I baked for Antonio’s packed school lunch.

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LP25: 10 Things About Bento

The 25th round of Lasang Pinoy is all about bento (or should I say baon) and since I’ve been packing lunch for work almost always for the past 6 months, I decided to list down 10 things about it.

1. The size of my usual teeny weeny lunchbox makes my officemates worry so much if I’m eating enough.

2. The Kiwi lifestyle is that everybody eats lunch in the office. Or at least I think so. Uso ang magdala ng baon. Bakit kamo? Ewan ko but most probably because they all believe in preserving the environment. Usong linya po yan sa opis. Seriously, I think health and frugality are the main reasons.

3. The office lunchroom:
– Very baon-friendly. Clean and efficient except for the fact that the cutlery drawer is too far from the coffee station. With 2 large dining tables and a long bar counter, it is big enough for our informal meetings and gatherings. It is also a library.
– Love the kitchen. Complete whiteware. 1 big fridge and a small one full of bottles of fresh milk. (Not to mention that hot, hot, HOT 20-something Maori milkman who delivers ‘em!) There’s hot and chilled water direct from water filter tap. Easy to prepare your lunch as there’s bread toaster, oven and microwave. Cleaning up isn’t a problem, too. Everybody’s responsible enough to place their dirty stash in the dishwasher.
– Coffee (fresh or instant), tea and chocolate drink are free anytime of the day. Drinks (beer and wine), nibbles and lollies free every Friday afternoon.

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Antonio’s Xmas Party

The 1st term of Antonio’s schoolyear has ended with a Christmas party – a potluck party like how it was last year. As expected I didn’t cook anything for a party of 5 boys and +/-12 girls but bought cookies and donnettes from the nearest dependable bakeshop. The price is reasonable though may be on the expensive side by local Chinese standard. I carefully packed them in plastic plates and aluminum foil and wrapped them in handmade Christmas packages. The stingy, thrifty mom I am, I cut off few pages from one of our wallpaper sample catalogues and use them as gift wrappers. Wallpaper material with green and gold damask pattern and fuchsia ribbons. Kartonite et al. Neat!

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Lasang Pinoy 8: Kusinang Bulilit, Lutong Paslit!

Now that it’s going to be my turn to host Lasang Pinoy, I got so excited I couldn’t think of a theme! We finally came up with this wonderful topic about cooking with children. Kusinang bulilit, lutong paslit! (Children’s kitchen, cooking by children!) So what would this be all about? As I reflect on the subject and start to write about this announcement, I can hear my son here singing a line that goes like this…

Cooking, cooking, I like to cook!
Eating, eating, I like to eat!
It’s fun to cook and eat together!

He would even say he would like to bake a cake. “May I ask you how?” He said all he needs to do is… “take some milk, take some flour and 2 eggs.”

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Edible Experiment

I always thought I have some talent in cooking lurking inside of me. Just one of those artistic things I’ve been born w/, I guess. Got some good tips from my dad, a good cook, & I can always follow guides from any cookbook w/o much accidents. I used to cook on a regular basis since I worked abroad & before I had cean. Now it’s like just the weekends when cean’s nanny is off for the day. Normally, I cook for only 2-3 persons during Sundays. Max of 4. Anyways, this blog is some kind of keeping records. Let … Continue reading Edible Experiment