Lasang Pinoy 8: Kusinang Bulilit, Lutong Paslit!

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Now that it’s going to be my turn to host Lasang Pinoy, I got so excited I couldn’t think of a theme! We finally came up with this wonderful topic about cooking with children. Kusinang bulilit, lutong paslit! (Children’s kitchen, cooking by children!) So what would this be all about? As I reflect on the subject and start to write about this announcement, I can hear my son here singing a line that goes like this…

Cooking, cooking, I like to cook!
Eating, eating, I like to eat!
It’s fun to cook and eat together!

He would even say he would like to bake a cake. “May I ask you how?” He said all he needs to do is… “take some milk, take some flour and 2 eggs.”

Food and cooking is interesting and absorbing for kids. The kitchen is where we watched grownups cut meat and vegetables, saw how the steam raised from the rice cooker (or clay pots), and smelled what was for dinner. It is not surprising to know that much of our creativity and decision-making were honed in front of the prep table at a tender age. It is also a great way for parents, grandparents and children to bond – think of the quality time we shared as we first learned to crack our first eggs and burnt them afterwards.

So for LP8, we can discuss any of the following:

1. How we were encouraged by parents (or grandparents) to become little chefs in the kitchen or vice versa as some of us are parents now.

2. Ways how our parents got us involved in mealtimes to help us develop our positive attitudes about food; how we become the foodies that we are.

3. For those among us who learn to cook way past voting age… how do we involve children, nephews, nieces, cousins? Maybe you are the doting uncle/auntie/cousin who likes to watch them ‘play with food’ and share fun easy recipes.

We could muse about childhood food memories, too. What’s the story behind those yema balls or that passion for bitter gourd? When, as 5-year old, eating veggies isn’t really a big deal after all. How the family food traditions were handed down to an extra pair of little hands. Share the story behind your edible experiments.

Edible Experiments hosts Lasang Pinoy 8 this month. Posts should be up on or before March 31, 2006 and please send the link (including your name, entry title, blog title) thru e-mail to and indicating Lasang Pinoy 8 on the subject line for easy sorting. This is open to all Filipinos, with or without a blog. So if you don’t have one, just email your entry to the above addresses and it will be posted here.

LP8: The Round-up!

For the wonderful LP icon, thanks to my 5-year old son Cean a.k.a. Antonio for the original graphic and Mike over at Lafang for the layout and texts!

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I am not a professional cook. My only claim to having a culinary background is a short stint as my dad’s teen ‘sous chef’ in his carinderia ages ago. Dad ran small eateries since I was a young kid - serving standard ‘turo-turo’ food ranging from the likes of menudo, adobo, pritong isda, dinuguan, binagoongan, bopis, munggo, pinakbet and giniling to merienda fares like goto, ginataan, pancit bihon, halu-halo and saging con yelo.

My father, a farmer in his hometown before working his way to becoming an accountant, definitely influenced my cooking in a lot of ways than I thought. My siblings and I were raised in a backyard full of fruit trees and vegetable garden. We spent weekends and the summer breaks running around with ducks, chickens, goats and pigs. I had wonderful memories of gathering eggs, butchering chickens, selling vegetables and the sweet aroma of preserved fruits. But my love for art led me to a degree in Architecture. Just few months after getting my license, I went abroad and lived independently at age 23. Definitely no maid, no cook, and a totally different food culture. Along the way I met lots of friends and spent what seemed a lifetime learning new tricks and recipes.

Now living in Auckland, I am a work-from-home mum who juggles time between work, fun and family - in pursuit of work-life balance. No matter how busy I am, I love the idea of cooking for my family. My blog chronicles home cooking greatly influenced by life outside my home country from Southeast Asia to Beijing and Auckland. And most of the time, being busy also means easy (sometimes quick), affordable meals.

24 thoughts on “Lasang Pinoy 8: Kusinang Bulilit, Lutong Paslit!

  1. :grin: :idea: :!:
    great! and once again, let’s have fun in the kitchen..luto-lutuan with the bagets! this time!
    so ano luto cean??hahaha

  2. Hello,

    Nanganga-pitbahay lang po!
    Ces, give me the link and I’m quite excited for the next LP but after reading your post – I’m a little bit disappointed – wala pa akong anak instead can I drag my husband over to my kitchen at sya ang maturuang magluto? Nanawagan ako baka masyadong marami ang anak ninyo – pahiram sandali para maka-join ako sa LP 8 lol!

    Can I add you to my link?


  3. My son loves to cook, pangarap ding maging chef kaya for sure join ako dito. Kaya lang puro papak ang ginagawa nitong si Aldrin :mrgreen:

  4. uy iska, sabi ko kay karen, baka puedeng launch na rin ng kids – cooking/blogging event? game ba kayo gawin ‘to every weekend?

  5. hi everybody! im glad u all find the topic interesting! stef i will surely post all of ur 30 entries :lol: kids’ cooking/blogging event? aba maganda nga. i saw stel’s assistant peeling onions aba kelan kaya si cean? moms let’s discuss this kahit d cguro every weekend.

  6. Hi Iska! pareho kami ni xtine, walang paslit na katulong sa kusina (taga tikim meron, hindi pa tao ) :razz:

    taga suporta na lang ako ng entries :mrgreen:

  7. hi iska. thanks for dropping by my site. will try to submit one for this lp event. haven’t done so in a long time. very interesting theme!

  8. dexie & angelo! im glad u and ur kids r excited. let’s all make this LP fun and messy :)

    thess and sha, u may share any of ur childhood food memories for LP8. im sure everybody wud love to read about ‘em. pero sha pwedeng pwedeng manghiram!

    ajay, nice, interesting topics discussed on ur site naka relate ako hehehehe. and we wud b all happy to hav u again for LP events.

  9. Hi. I’ve already got a couple of things that my pangga has helped me with. What do I do next? I mean, they are all on my blog, so how do I join the LP8? Email me if you can. Cheers!

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