Pork & Apple Stew

I checked my stats and the most visited pages are my hamonado recipes followed by sinaing na tulingan, patatim, tocino and skinless longgonisa. My hamonado is actually not ham-cured; like my tocino, it has no curing processes whatsoever to preserve food such as standard longganisa, ham, fish, cheese, sausage, or vegetables. It is just a term my dad uses when referring to a big chunk of meat stewed with sweetener for hours. Frankly, I cook this hamonado at least once a month, of course with variations. It is, for me, like adobo – a versatile dish. I use chicken or pork or even beef. Sweeten the meat with fruit juice like pineapple juice, fruit cocktail syrup, pineapple chunks, apples, raisins or just plain sugar. Serve it with steamed vegetables – potatoes, carrots, beans, snowpeas, or even tomatoes, whatever is available. Don’t be surprised if I tell you I have quite a number of pictures waiting to be published.

So here is another one… apple-flavored!

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