LP20: Liwaliw sa Beijing

Mula ng dumating at manirahan kami sa Beijing noong 2002, ang parati kong tanong ay “nandito pa kaya tayo sa Olympics?” Ngayon alam ko na ang sagot… wala na! Hahahaha! Pero kahit nandun pa kami malamang ay hindi din kami makakapanood. Sa dami ng tao lalo na mayaman at mga makapangyarihang politiko, mahirap makakuha ng tiket ang isang ordinaryong expat. Sabi nga ng mga kaibigan ko doon (lokal man o Pinoy), ang mabibili mo lang sa ngayon ay entrance para sa mga larong hindi popular at hindi sa Bird’s Nest o Water Cube. Sold-out na lahat.

Hindi na bale… hahandugan ko na lang kayo ng mga larawan ko sa Beijing. Kung pupunta ka sa capital ng Tsina, wag kalimutang tumikim ng Peking duck. Yan po ang aking huling Peking duck sa Peking nung aking huling birthday doon.

(Where else to enjoy the best Peking duck but in Peking a.k.a. Beijing!)

Opkors, kailangang ipagyabang ko ang larawan ko sa Bird’s Nest noong nakaraang liwaliw ko nung Pasko sa Beijing… kung saan ginanap ang opening ng Olympics Games ngayon.
(The Bird’s Nest still under construction.)

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LP#17 – Sa Gawing Kanluran

Sa gawing kanluran…

Ang pagkain ay hamburger. Hahaha! Ang ibig ko bang sabihin ay ito ang unang pumapasok sa isipan ‘pag ang pinag-uusapan ay pagkain sa bansang Amerika. Tulad ng nakaraang July 4, nagyaya ang ilang mga kaopisina kong Kano na mag lunch out bilang pagse-celebrate ng kanilang espesyal na okasyon. Hindi nga ako sana sasama dahil meron akong baong pagkain pero napilit ako ng kanong katabi ko dahil bilang isang Pinoy na minsan ay nag-celebrate ng Independence Day sa parehong araw ay higit kanino man ay may K daw akong sumama. E di syempre… sama ang lola nyo (bukod sa matagal na din ako hindi gumagastos hehehehe….) Hulaan nyo saan kami kumain? Sabi ng kano…ang pagpipilian ay Mcdo o Burger King. Burger King kami! Yey! May libre pang Batman na laruan ang kiddie meal!

Para sa Litratong Pinoy #17, eto ang aking masarap na burger steak, mas masarap kasi sa kanin kesa sa tinapay hehehehe…
(Homemade burger steak with mushroom sauce)

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I Wished for Peking Duck and Got it for my Birthday!

Where else to enjoy the best Peking duck but in Peking! It’s been a while since we enjoy this most famous Beijing dish and ‘ve been telling A how much I crave for it… especially when I saw Connie’s post. We just received some fabulous news and to celebrate it together with my birthday, A treated us (the 3 of us plus friends) to a wonderful lunch at this government-owned Chinese restaurant frequented by local Beijingers as well as local Chinese tourists.

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Back from Hebei

I just got back from Beijing from a week-long on-site job and feel oh so tired. Work was more exhausting and more late nights spent. I was also not in the mood of photographing food like last time but of course, I just have to share some. It was a much-needed break though… not to cook that long. Hopefully tomorrow I’d be back to my normal food blogging.

It’s Chinese culture to drink wine and liquor while dining. And it’s improper to say no to a toast. Lunch time and our Client gave a toast A couldn’t say no to. He gave me his third shot. Ahahaha! 58% alcohol and my head spun around!

Chinese fried noodles, chicken lollipops, baked scallop, spicy pork ribs, celery and shrimp salad.

Spicy chicken curry, steamed shrimps and mussels, steak in pepper sauce, fresh sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes, steamed green leafy vegetables.

I enjoyed Japanese food very much especially Sashimi.

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Hebei Days 7 & 8 and Back to Beijing!

See Hebei Days 5 & 6

Note: Photo to your left is A‘s ice cream; background shows a view of the capital’s train station.

Day 7 – Thursday
I guess I had too much salad greens and my tummy is so used to my cooking I didn’t feel good on the 7th day. I didn’t have dinner the night before except for a few bites and had a glass of Chinese tea for breakfast. For lunch I decided to skip the fibers and go more meaty and carb. Slices of deep-fried crispy pork, deep-fried duck, Urimqi-flavored lamb, barbequed eel and fried Chinese noodles. I just can’t help but get Waldorf salad and a piece of that delightful cream puff topped with peaches.

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Hebei Days 5 & 6

See Hebei Day 4.

Day 5 – Tuesday

Day 5, which was exactly a week ago, was still a busy day. For lunch on our fifth day, mixing appetizer and main course is as natural as breathing. I had my seafood platter – oyster, mussels, clams and crab with fresh veggie salad on the side.

My usual steak, steamed seafood and potato salad are now mixed with bacon-wrapped sausages, deep-fried chicken lollipops, and spicy steamed fish head and mussels.

Slices of fresh fruits, yoghurt cotta and… tada! Snow egg with sake for 5 consecutive days!

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Hebei Days 3 & 4

See Hebei Days 1 & 2

Day 3 – Sunday

Rest day. We had breakfast at KFC as requested by the kiddo. We went around checking what Shi Jia Zhuang has to offer. For years, we’ve been so swamped up with work in this town we seldom go out. This time we spent the morning window shopping. Drooled over brand new laptops, checked out the prices of 2nd hand ones and found lots of places to buy cheap clothes. Even high-end shopping centers offer large discount for summer outfits. Oh well… summer will soon be over anyway.

Back to Cafe Panorama for lunch. For appetizer, I still had steamed mussels and oyster, plus succulent shrimps, deep-fried hard-boiled eggs, fresh vegetable salad and a bowl of hearty minestrone soup.

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Lasang Pinoy 3 – Marbleized Quail Eggs or Tea Eggs

This post is for the Food Blogging Event: LASANG PINOY 3 – Pinoy Street Food.

What would be my favorite street food? Trick question. I was what you call the all-too-obedient child at home while the street kid-type once unleashed. When we were young I don’t recall our parents ever buy us any kind of food being sold in the streets with the exception of sorbetes or ‘dirty’ ice cream, balut, penoy & nilagang itlog ng pugo (boiled quail eggs), which I fancied most before grade school. I could devour a whole pack, which I remember contained about 5 to 6 pieces, during any bus or jeepney ride.

In school (recess period & after class), we would buy all kinds of stuff – cotton candy, scramble (crushed ice w/ sorta fruit juice & coloring), sa malamig (any cold drinks from fruit juice to gulaman at sago or gelatin and tapioca balls) , manggang hilaw w/ alamang (unripe mango w/ unsauteed shrimp paste), kalikot (I suppose it’s coconut jam picked & eaten from a piece of bamboo stem), & ofcourse the ever popular fishballs. I remember spending my entire food allowance for these fried well-seasoned balls of ground fish, day after day, at least for a year maybe. When we got a little bit older, our folks would buy taho (made from bean curd w/ sago & arnibal, a sweet syrup) and puto (rice cake) so I don’t really think they hate ‘street food’ per se. I guess it’s more of the responsibility that goes w/ being parents.

During HS & university days when food allowance was better, my preferred street food became barbeque – pork, hotdogs & the radical inihaw na isaw ng manok or chicken intestine barbeque). In college, we had series of overnight jobs working on projects as a team. These would be like all work, work, work, and rest would be during meals or snacks. There were instances when we will just set off to our favorite barbeque stall for merienda. Buy ice-cold coke poured into plastics from the nearest store & eat right there while queuing for our isaw. I remember a particular street in San Andres Bukid, Manila near the railways & the South Expressway. Never been there for a long time. Hope somebody would tell me if that particular place of barbeque stalls is still there. (Isaw photo courtesy of Karen.)

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