5 Years of Food Blogging & This Blog’s Top 5 Posts

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! I started this food blog during our 2nd year in Beijing. Funny how time flies. Last year, while we talked about our comfort food I also gave away some goodies to my readers. I planned to do the same this year but things got in the way and wasn’t able to prep for it. But you know how grateful I am to all of you who come and visit, not to mention I was in hiatus for about a couple of months. I can’t find any other way to say thank you … Continue reading 5 Years of Food Blogging & This Blog’s Top 5 Posts

ISKAndals.com turns 4!

I’m glad I chose the subject of comfort food for my little blogoversary blowout (click here for details). Our choices vary, all very interesting, though I admit I’m not a bit surprised to find such diversity. After all, it is about what soothes us during tough and trying times, or makes us feel good after a hard day’s work, or simply the craving synonymous with rainy days that make us reminisce on days long gone. Like ripping open a wrapped bar of chocolate, or cooking a pot of hearty soup the way our moms do it. So before we get … Continue reading ISKAndals.com turns 4!

This Blog Turns 3!.. and More

wine.jpg That’s a bottle of wine I received as a gift from our lawyer clients just few hours ago during the opening celebration of my 1st completed project in New Zealand. A well-reviewed project matched with a pay rise in a little less than 6 months? Sabi nga ng mga Kiwi… “not bad aye?” Life is beautiful.

At tamang tama ang regalo hindi ba? Below is a glass of wine and a slice of cake… as this blog turns 3 today! Weeee! More than 2 years of blogging from Beijing and now from Auckland, NZ. What makes me go on? First and foremost, I still love to cook and ISKAndals is still my online recipe journal. But what really comes as a surprise delight is when I receive comments and emails of appreciation for my home-style recipes, how easy to follow they are, and how much they like my site. Isn’t it great?

Behold! Tis’ tiramisu adorned with a single red rose petal. Yum!


Just like the previous years, my simple way of saying thank you will be another compilation of selected recipes posted since June last year.

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This Blog’s 1st Birthday!

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Edible Experiments! A total of 82 recipes if I counted correctly. Not much but not bad for a working mom though I still have lots of food photos waiting to be published.

I cook and I forget the little details so I write them down. That’s how it goes. But clearly it has meant much more than that. I’ve met wonderful people and new friends. I got reacquainted with old colleagues and relatives around the globe. I now see Filipino culture through food in a different light. I’ve encouraged friends to blog and join Lasang Pinoy events. I even hosted LP8! I’ve also learned a lot from other foodblogs – new recipes, techniques – and marveled at their own stories. From all these I believe my cooking got better.

Most of the recipes I’ve posted are about simple home-style cooking but every time a reader writes me about how great a recipe is from this blog – of course after being kitchen-tested – I feel great. I even get requests from time to time. There are also those who write to share their own tricks that I do appreciate very much. So for my blog’s birthday, I prepared a PDF file of few recipes published here ready for download . Not much and not that special but I do hope they would be helpful.

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