Festive Food Fair 2007 – Chicken Sopas

I usually go out every Sunday afternoon but the rain just gets in the way and so I ended up having time to blog and surf for Noche Buena recipes. This would be my first ever Christmas in New Zealand and this early, my friends and I have already made plans. It’s gonna be potluck and I haven’t really made up my mind on what to bring especially for the main dish. And just as I was searching for ideas I happen to find this announcement for Festive Food Fair 2007. Isn’t that swell?

I plan to prepare chicken sopas for the potluck and for this event I’d like to share its recipe. Sopas literally means soup and chicken sopas is a hearty soup made of elbow (or macaroni) pasta, shredded chicken, vegetables and milk. Yup, I know elbow pasta is Italian but this dish is definitely Filipino. A pasta soup concocted to suit Pinoy taste and definitely popular amongst us especially during rainy season or, if lucky, even during slightly cold weather during this time of the year back homeas we crave warm soupy comfort.

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