Shrimps, Pumpkin and Long Beans in Coconut Milk

Though I still maintain a balanced diet for me and my family, I think being-slender-is-in-my-genes-I-can-eat-what-I-want is no longer the right attitude. Carbs and fats are slowly yet surely getting into my system (and metabolism) nowadays. Ahaha yeah… I had my wake-up call. The website of a magazine for expats in Beijing has our photo in their gallery and… my goodness! They should have told me they’ll take my picture so I was able to hold my breath for a while and say ‘cheese’. I definitely put on some weight… or is it just the angle? On a lighter note, that particular photo captured A and I in one of our moments in our sweetest smiles.

Oh well… and so I decided to cut on my rice intake and eat more veggies instead. Without the usual 4-hour brisk walking for the next 2 months, I hope this works. Haha enough sulking.

I still have a cup of coconut milk left from the Thai Green Curry I cooked the other day and instantly I thought about setting it aside for a veggie dish. I bought the usual shrimps and decided to use a bowlful for guinataang gulay (vegetable in coconut milk). Yummy! Our lunch last Saturday!

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Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw

Here’s a very simple but delectable vegetable dish that offers the bright colors of autumn – orange, yellow and red (if you add red hot chili pepper) plus green. I just love its unique taste and texture and the healthy combination of vegies – with or without chili. Ginataang kalabasa at sitaw (squash and long beans cooked in coconut milk). I used pumpkin or winter squash.

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