CPA (Chicken and Pork Adobo)

If I didn’t check it out and research a bit on the country’s national dish (which is lechon), I would certainly say that it’s adobo right away. So let’s just say it is the best-known Filipino dish. What more is there to say about it? Well, I just wanna add that it was something I envy every time I had fried galunggong (or mackerel scad) for binalot and my classmate seating beside me had adobo. For a 6-7 year old kid, galunggong wasn’t something I really liked back then.

Mom’s chicken adobo is dry. She lets the sauce dries up and fries the chicken w/ more soy sauce. I love it. It’s really good paired with plain rice. But what I usually prepare now is something different. It’s a combination of mom’s adobo ala-eh style and what I encountered during my overnight stays on friends’ homes during my college days. Oh my near-bohemian archi student days. Some of my friends’ moms cook it with thick sauce and potatoes. And oh by the way, 2 non-Pinoy friends of ours – a local Chinese MA student and a Singaporean Spa Owner/Consultant, love our Philippine adobo.

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