Strawberry with Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

I am in the middle of another rush project but I just can’t help but complain about the heat. It’s another summer of swelter in Beijing and I’m dreaming of strawberry with ice cream! Ice cream, yeah that’s easy to find any day and at any time, but the strawberries… ahhh! The luscious strawberry season is gone… I think that was springtime or early days of summer. Oh wishing… wishing…
By the way, those are not my fingers but A‘s.

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Mandarin Oranges

Living at the top of a 6-storey apartment in Beijing (inside the 2nd ring road northeast of the Forbidden City) without a lift do has its advantages. Yes, no elevator for 2 to 6 stories and having a penthouse that is literally on the 7th level doesn’t count at all. Aside from the daily and sometimes unwanted exercise, we love the view from our penthouse and watching the marvelous fireworks over Beijing skyline for the 2nd time since Beijing lifted its 12-year ban on it was simply awesome! Xinnian Kuai Le! Gong xi fa cai! Above is a photo of … Continue reading Mandarin Oranges

LP10 – Ang Prutas, Bow!

An Entry to Lasang Pinoy 10 – Food Memories from your Childhood hosted by Buhay Cucinero. I did try thinking about other food memories from my childhood but couldn’t single out another one that could trigger more fond memories than those I’ve already written months ago in a meme with the same theme. My dad, who has such a green thumb, planted lots of fruit-bearing trees around our home that one may get lost finding it. Star apples, coconut trees (including macapuno, freak coconut full of soft meat), chico, santol, mangoes, papaya, guyabano or soursop, atis or sugar-apple, banana (finger-like … Continue reading LP10 – Ang Prutas, Bow!

Spring Fruits

Beijing weather is getting too warm for spring it looks like I am gonna miss soon all the fruits that the season brings. As always, that Russian store nearby offers fabulous fruits like this pineapple. I thought of making pinya turon (pineapple spring rolls) out of the leftovers but unfortunately my wrappers got molds before I had the time to make my turon experiment ala-Mirsbin’s apple turon and inspired by Mcdo’s pineapple pie. I might do the apple turon as Fuji apples seem available anytime of the year. These strawberries are really great! Sweet and crisp we didn’t even think … Continue reading Spring Fruits

Hard-to-Find Good Mangoes and Fruit Tales

Haha! I bought mangoes from the Russian store nearby. I happen to pass by their fruit counter and I know from that distinctive sweet smell that they gotta be delicious. I wasn’t disappointed. Not sure where they came from as my Mandarin is limited and of course I couldn’t speak a single Russian word. The other fruits shown here have their own amusing story. We met a suspicious person (we believe she’s an illegal recruiter) who showered us with gifts just so we could let her get through a friend’s personal things left with us. Well duh! Continue reading Hard-to-Find Good Mangoes and Fruit Tales

Xinnian Kuai Le!

Tonight is the eve of the Spring Festival or commonly known as the Chinese New Year – the most important festival or holiday for the Chinese people. It falls on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month and is celebrated like Christmas for Pinoys. So here are just few facts that I observed for the past years…

1. No meeting with Clients, Consultants, or suppliers. Basically everybody is on vacation for a month or even more.

2. Constructions are also on hold as migrant workers go back to their hometowns.

3. 2 weeks from the festival is the busiest time for transportation systems – the airport, train stations, long-distance bus stations, the subway.

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I had a Date – Chinese, Fresh and Sweet

Yeah yeah. I’m talking about the Chinese date or ziziphus jujube. Ate Vi brought us some and I couldn’t stop munching. They’re sweet & so addicting. Fresh dates are crisp like apples. The fresh fruit is relatively new to me as I am more familiar w/ the dried ones but actually it has been in cultivation in China for about 4,000 years with over 400 cultivars! Inferior seedlings have traveled beyond Asia centuries ago and were brought into Europe at the beginning of the Christian era but the improved selections were introduced to the US only by 1908. Probably the … Continue reading I had a Date – Chinese, Fresh and Sweet

childhood food memories meme

For somebody like me who is new in the world of blogs & bloggers, it’s a pleasure to be tagged by Karen for this meme, which by the time I was informed about it, it was like whoa! What is a meme? I was absolutely clueless. I don’t even know how it is supposed to be pronounced. So I quickly researched for the meaning & came up w/ this (just for the few people out there like me who doesn’t know).

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