Lasang Pinoy 20: Lumpiang Shanghai

I thought I couldn’t participate in the 20th event of Lasang Pinoy, being out of town, no cooking and all. But with my food photos in a handy external hard drive with me, I managed to find some decent photos I’ve taken months ago using my old digital camera. Voila! Lumpiang shanghai!

So lemme just list down few things about these little rolls of delight…

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Lumpiang Shanghai

We were so busy thinking about buying our son another birthday cake so we can have our private ‘blowing candle’ celebration. Private meaning just the 3 of us. He already had 1 with our family back home and another one w/ his classmates on his 1st day of school this year. We were almost done w/ eating the cake after an afternoon stroll at the Chinese military museum when I realised it is actually somebody else’s birthday! Good thing I had some party stuff to cook. Lumpiang shanghai and pancit bihon!

Haha! Now I can cook lumpiang shanghai anytime I want to. I managed to find a store that sells the kind of wrapper I need. This is China and I am sure everybody thinks it’s easy to find. I guess all those restaurants make their own wrappers. I normally find the thick type they use to wrap peking ducks (or Beijing ducks).

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