LP12 – Starry Nilagang Baka

Ex-colleague Ces‘ LP theme is truly interesting especially for us who live abroad. For more than a decade, my eating habits include appreciating foreign cuisine through dining out on a regular basis and Pinoy cooking at home as the craving for lasang Pinoy will never go away. I blogged about quite a few fusion recipes before and since I am here in Beijing I had the urge to share one with Northern Chinese influence for LP12. I could easily whip up a quick Chinese-looking stir-fry dish that would still taste distinctly Pinoy. Since one won’t find a Filipino store around … Continue reading LP12 – Starry Nilagang Baka

Beef Nilaga

Nilagang Baka

what is there to say about nilagang baka or boiled beef? it’s a very simple dish that one misses when the weather is cold. still summer here in Beijing but what the heck? it’s like summer all year round back home anyways & we still love it (ofcourse the typhoons are always there).speaking of typhoons, let’s all save a prayer for Katrina. also, watch out for lasang pinoy 2 – cooking up a storm. i still am totally clueless on what to blog about & in the midst of reminiscing memorable rainy (lonely) days. i invited a friend of mine the minute i received an invitation to it & he came up right away w/ an entry on that day! he even hav a 2nd entry the next day but i wouldn’t post it here till the day of the event…

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