Bihon Guisado

Pancit bihon and lumpiang shanghai maybe too boring for birthdays but in a foreign country when one seldom finds the right ingredient like lumpia wrapper and pancit bihon, these dishes become more than spectacular. The birthday boy was really lucky!

My missing ingredient is kinchay or Chinese celery. Again, how come I can’t find it here in Beijing? A common dilemma here and even in Brunei where I used to be based. Always available is this celery that looks exactly like our kinchay but with a stronger flavor. I’m talking about coriander leaves, main ingredient in Thai tom yam soup. Well, there really is Chinese celery available. The leaves are slightly bigger but I only need few tablespoon of it, chopped, but these are sold in big bunches. So I said forget about it.

Bihon guisado, by the way, is fried rice vermicelli or meehoon goreng in other southeast Asian countries. Here’s my bihon recipe (for long life)!

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Fried Noodles

Before I go on w/ my noodle blogging, i just wanna mention here that im happy to inspire a friend of mine to start his own recipe blog! That’s in spite of my non-pro cooking or what I call edible experiments. Go boy!

I’m the youngest in our family, so cooking pancit or any type of fried noodles (which was a holiday specialty) was never assigned to me back home. The first time I ever tried (w/ the exception of instant noodles, ofcourse) was for the millennium dinner! (that millenium dinner is a story worth-telling in my autobiography.) Anyways, my recipe below is somewhat special because it’s not really pancit canton which is actually wheat noodles & what i really had in mind. Instead I got 2 packs of instant noodles, discard all those preservatives inside & used just the noodles. How we come up w/ the idea? well, it’s a bit difficult to find the right stuff around here.

By the way, this pancit is for some birthday girl out there!

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