How Do You Like Your Canned Sardines?

Back in Beijing, it’s no use buying a lot of fresh goods to cook as we spend little time here and days of eating gourmet food made us crave for simpler things in life. So for three days, we had hotdogs, omelet, sauteed long beans and cucumber salad fresh from our Client’s orchard, spaghetti with bacon and sausages tossed in olive oil as requested by the kiddo, and canned goods such as tuna chunks, corned beef hash and of course, sardines. Back home, canned sardines is a staple for breakfast and the pantry should always have at least a can in stock. According to Mike, wag isnabin… it’s also a gourmet delight!

So how do you like your sardines? Plain and uncooked? Stir-fried with egg? With misua? With a little vinegar? Sauteed with tomatoes and onions? Now this sounds like a fun meme! Hmmm… then I’d like to tag Mike and Toni and Anne and if you think you like canned sardines… you are also tagged!

As for me, it all depends on the brand and here we fell in love with a local brand. The sauce is tasty and sweet; maybe because tomatoes here are sweet. If it’s just me, I’ll be happy to have it uncooked with diced raw onion, salt and pepper.

But for A, everything must always be cooked. So here is one of the many ways he likes it – sauteed with onions till dry.

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Spanish-Style Sardines with a Twist

I’ve been busy playing around with my new gallery that I’m not done yet on checking out LP15‘s recipes about recycled food. (Oh please do check it out when you have time; will upload more Beijing photos.) I’ve been thinking about cooking Spanish-style sardines but ended up making my own experiment. I didn’t have pickles and carrots at that time and chili isn’t always a good idea with my boy, so I concocted a recipe with ginger and pork fat. The ginger gives it a kick but may be omitted if undesired; chili I think is still the best. The … Continue reading Spanish-Style Sardines with a Twist