On Rosa Francese, Steamed Fish & Hip Chinese Restaurants

Beijing boasts of old courtyards turned hip and yuppifed restaurants mostly frequented by expats rather than locals. And last Tuesday, we were invited to one on the outskirts of the city near the airport. My, never thought one would find a place like that in the middle of fruit orchards. It’s kinda cool though, not what our Chinese Clients would call ‘elegant’ (when they say elegant they actually mean “expensive-looking” or “filthy rich”) but simply cool or “China modern” it reminds me of Cool Hotel books. But the food, oh the food, is such a delight that doesn’t disappoint.

The main restaurant wasn’t open until late afternoon so we killed time drinking tea at the adjacent pastry and cafe bar. It is actually the restaurant’s pastry branch. Our interpreter ordered pink rosebud tea and A chose the cake to go with it – chocolate truffles, mocha mousse and tiramisu. The place has ‘no picture-taking allowed’ signs but I said to myself… who cares? Hehehehe not for foreigners, I guess.

Aaah… that’s the wonderful Rosa Francese tea though I don’t think the buds are French. I guess they’re the famous Chinese imperial rosebuds from Anhui Province believed to be beneficial to heart and skin.

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