Strawberry with Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

I am in the middle of another rush project but I just can’t help but complain about the heat. It’s another summer of swelter in Beijing and I’m dreaming of strawberry with ice cream! Ice cream, yeah that’s easy to find any day and at any time, but the strawberries… ahhh! The luscious strawberry season is gone… I think that was springtime or early days of summer. Oh wishing… wishing…
By the way, those are not my fingers but A‘s.

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Beef Stew in Beijing Red Wine Sauce

My New Year blogging was greeted with erratic internet issues since international links were disrupted by the Taiwan earthquake a week earlier. (Guess how long did it take to post this entry and upload all the photos?) Oh well… not to mention few projects that may or may not mean big bucks that kept us real busy. Anyways, here’s one before I go back to work. We were given a bottle of Beijing wine last Christmas and had few cups left that I experimented on beef stew.

But before we get to the recipe check out A‘s Paris Baguette birthday cake next to the bottle of Beijing red wine. Oh yeah babaw lng ng kaligayahan namin but we think we are in love with this Korean-owned bakery what with its cakes and pastries filled with crazy creamy goodness, lots of real butter and sugar and heavenly goodness of what-nots. Even the sandwiches are great!

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Spring Fruits

Beijing weather is getting too warm for spring it looks like I am gonna miss soon all the fruits that the season brings. As always, that Russian store nearby offers fabulous fruits like this pineapple. I thought of making pinya turon (pineapple spring rolls) out of the leftovers but unfortunately my wrappers got molds before I had the time to make my turon experiment ala-Mirsbin’s apple turon and inspired by Mcdo’s pineapple pie. I might do the apple turon as Fuji apples seem available anytime of the year. These strawberries are really great! Sweet and crisp we didn’t even think … Continue reading Spring Fruits