I Wished for Peking Duck and Got it for my Birthday!

Where else to enjoy the best Peking duck but in Peking! It’s been a while since we enjoy this most famous Beijing dish and ‘ve been telling A how much I crave for it… especially when I saw Connie’s post. We just received some fabulous news and to celebrate it together with my birthday, A treated us (the 3 of us plus friends) to a wonderful lunch at this government-owned Chinese restaurant frequented by local Beijingers as well as local Chinese tourists.

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Meatballs in Sweet & Sour Sauce

I found frozen meatballs as I was unpacking our grocery bags. Obviously A grabbed a pack as it says ‘Italian Meatballs.’ Oh well I know right away it can’t be truly Italian. I fried a ball and yeah it has some Chinese sausage flavor in it. Not bad. Not bad but definitely un-Italian. I’m quite sure if I serve them plain and fried with ketchup they’d eat only few pieces. (Or maybe I am speaking for myself hehehehe…) And so my sweet and sour sauce saves the day! Also good for lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken nuggets, etc.

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