Buttered Fish Fillet & Beef Rendang

Sounds like there’s a party huh? Actually, we took my sister for lunch to our favorite Singaporean restaurant along Donzhimenwai Street just after our trip to the Ritan Park & Cean’s sports day activities. They serve peranakan or baba nyonya that reminds us of our years in Southeast Asia which explains our usual craving for Chinese-malay food. We ordered our favorite kway teow, satay ayam & beef rendang. Kway teow are fried flat noodles, especially popular in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei. Satay ayam or skewered chicken in peanut sauce is basically Malay food. Beef rendang, on the other hand, is a dish that I usually identify w/ our beef caldereta. Of course it has a different flavor, which they say, has shallot, ginger, lemon grass paste, ground coriander, cumin, and nutmeg.

The serving was really huge that we almost couldn’t finish everything. The beef rendang was delicious but spicy that we decided to tapaw (take-out) half of it. We are not really a bunch of chilli lovers so for dinner, I did some make-over. I add onions, tomatoes, garlic and string beans plus a cup of water to the beef rendang to lessen the chili flavor. I also prepared deep-fried codfish fillet as I was inspired by my conversation w/ my cousin in Australia whom I chatted with thru YM. For some reason, we always end up talking about food every time we see each other online. He mentioned that a favorite down under is to oven-grill fish (I forgot, was it salmon?) marinated w/ lemon juice, salt & pepper.

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Steamed Tilapia in Lemon & Pork Fat

Oh how I love my mom’s steamed tuna or sinaing na tulingan (my most requested dish from her whenever I’m back home on vacation) but we bought tilapia so I have to work my way into this fish just to satisfy my cravings.This is a typical dish from my mom’s hometown & she can cook it w/ as much variety (such as other types of fish w/ banana leaves as covering) as I can remember w/ her eyes closed. But the recipe I’m about to share is another edible experiment of mine. 1st thing, not tuna but tilapia. 2nd thing, instead of the famous dried kamias or bilimbi, I used lemon (always my dear substitute for any souring agent like tamarind or kalamansi).

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Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce

My cooking is always a mixture of what I learnt from my parents (that means sure recipes) & tips from friends plus my own research on the net. This one is something that my mom taught me, plus some tips from cean’s yaya (she makes great steamed fish as a result of working 10 years in HK) & my own added flavors as a result of my experimenting. Our dinner – steamed fish in soy sauce. (If there would be leftovers, make some fishballs.)

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