LP4: Hugis ay Pahaba

Ito na po ang aking pangalawang Huwebes para sa Litratong Pinoy na may temang hugis ay pahaba. Ano ang ibig sabihin? Ako’y magiging aprubadong litratista na ng LP… yehey! O sya… simulan ko na!

(The anchovy and Ikea chopsticks )

Opo, alam ko pong hindi tsina-chopsticks ang dilis pero for the sake of litrato e chinapstiks ko ang dilis. Ang matindi po nyan ay kinaliwa ko pa ang pagkuha ng larawan. Ang kahabaan ng aking mga daliri sa kanang kamay habang kinokodakan ko gamit ang aking kaliwang kamay. Mas mahirap sa akin ang humawak ng chopsticks gamit ang kaliwa.
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This Blog’s 1st Birthday!

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Edible Experiments! A total of 82 recipes if I counted correctly. Not much but not bad for a working mom though I still have lots of food photos waiting to be published.

I cook and I forget the little details so I write them down. That’s how it goes. But clearly it has meant much more than that. I’ve met wonderful people and new friends. I got reacquainted with old colleagues and relatives around the globe. I now see Filipino culture through food in a different light. I’ve encouraged friends to blog and join Lasang Pinoy events. I even hosted LP8! I’ve also learned a lot from other foodblogs – new recipes, techniques – and marveled at their own stories. From all these I believe my cooking got better.

Most of the recipes I’ve posted are about simple home-style cooking but every time a reader writes me about how great a recipe is from this blog – of course after being kitchen-tested – I feel great. I even get requests from time to time. There are also those who write to share their own tricks that I do appreciate very much. So for my blog’s birthday, I prepared a PDF file of few recipes published here ready for download . Not much and not that special but I do hope they would be helpful.

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