In Search of a Magazine for Expats

A couple of months ago, we went to the newest theme park in Beijing. The kiddo’s actually been bugging us about it even months before its opening day last year but has been quite busy and waiting for the right time… like spring. So when a friend gave us complimentary tickets sponsored by a magazine for expats – free entrance and rides, the kid was really ecstatic! At one point during our day at the park, I saw the magazine’s photographer taking our son’s photo. The stage mom in me got excited it might get published. After a week, we saw not only 1 but around 5 photos in their website! My, we didn’t even notice that guy around us while we were having so much fun! Another week passed by and my friend who gave us the tickets informed me to get the latest issue. And so our hunt for the magazine began.

Got our copies (yeah, we took the last 2 copies) from our favorite hawker-style Singaporean Restaurant. Of course, it’s just proper that we should also enjoy the food. We had Chicken Rice, one of the best we’ve had in the country’s capital.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is a dish normally included in any restaurant menu w/ southeast asian cuisine, very popular to Singaporeans that it is also known as singa rice. I’ve been very much interested in the recipe for quite sometime & this is the 1st time I tried it successfully. I did tried once following the tips given by a bruneian-chinese friend. It was edible yes but not how it’s supposed to taste. Lately I found the time to check out the net so my chicken rice now tastes as it should be… or maybe even better!

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