I’ll Show You Mine, You Show Me Yours

I’m taking a break from the usual food blogging and surfing to get this tag done – one I got from somebody who has left me a threat on my YM that started with “Oi you’re TAGGED!” then blah-blah-blah (ha-ha!). Truth is OK lang talaga. I have plenty of spare time right now, so busy with not being busy and it just feels so great at the moment. Savoring it while it lasts.

So this is how my desktop looks like. I thought about changing my wallpaper but the guideline says I shouldn’t alter anything the moment I read the tag. Nagmumura ang pagmumukha ng anak ko dito e pero sige na nga I decided to show off his perfect buck-tooth smile. When I get tired working I just look at it and I feel better right away. Bago yan kase may ngipin na sya. Those of you who have seen my old blog theme might remember his toothless laugh. And there goes my sidebar with the gadgets that are helpful and important to me especially the currency one. Also, note that I have two clocks, each with a different time zone; so that I know what time it is back in Beijing. Another gadget is a slideshow of our family photos.

Update! This is my Mac desktop. Nice and clean (almost!).

Who to tag? Ces, Thess, JMom, Zita and Mike!

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Para sa Makulit na Pagsisiyasat ni Toni

I know some of my readers are non-pinoys especially those of you frequenting my site for that killer recipe to impress (or kill) your pinoy partners. My apologies. This post is in Tagalog.

Ika nga ni Toni, break muna! Break muna ako ng dalawang araw. Grabeng trabaho ang ginawa namin nitong mga nakaraang araw. Puyatan kaya pahinga muna kami. Nanood ng Philippine Bayanihan Dance Troupe kahapon. Korek! Dito sa Beijing yan… alay ng embahada ng Pilipinas sa mga Pinoy dito para sa pagdiriwang ng Philippine Independence Day. Pagkatapos nun ay kumain sa isang restaurant para lang makakuha ng libre ng isang partikular na magasin dito para sa mga expats; isyu ng buwan na ito na naglalaman ng mga pagmumukha ng anak ko (O di ba nga naman… bukas o sa makalawa ay i-post ko naman din yun kasama ng pagkain namin). Kasama na din sa aming “pahinga” ay ang paglilinis ng bahay at internet na walang humpay kaya napagtuunan ko ng husto ang makulit na pagsisiyasat ni Toni. (Pagsisiyasat: tagalog ng survey – mula sa impormasyong galing kay Lisa.) Heto ang aking mga kasagutan…

Ano ang iyong almusal kanina?
Kape at donuts na nabili namin kahapon sa Carrefour, ininit sa microwave. Kakaibang donuts ang Chinese donuts kase hindi ito nababalutan ng asukal. Kaya si A may katabing asukal kung saan nya sinasawsaw ito.

Ikaw ay may itlog – nilagang itlog. Paano mo ito kakainin?
Isasawsaw ko lang sa asin at kakainin ng mga tatlo hanggang apat na subuan.

Ano ang paborito mong local na junkfood?

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Fine Dining #1: Cafe Panorama

A and I have done quite a few hospitality and restaurant projects and the feeling while dining at the places we designed is priceless. The finished product might not be exactly as per specs especially here in China but… hey, it ain’t the end of the world. Enough with the laments of a designer. What I want to say is that I’ve always wanted to share photos of the food being served there. The food photos never landed here as they never came out good. Few scenarios – I was too hungry my hands were shaking it’s impossible to take decent photos. Or simply too shy to take photos with people around, most especially if dining with Clients. But this is just the right time to reconsider! Ces of spiCes has come up with a very interesting blog project that is, like she said, close to our hearts. She calls it Fine Dining.

Share a photo of a dining area or a particular table you like. Yours or somebody else’s. Say a showroom you’ve visited, or maybe you’ve been invited to dinner by a friend you just can’t help but adore her fabulous dining room. Or a dining table that is such a wonderful piece of art. I don’t know what the exact guidelines are. I guess even the food photos are not exactly included but… I’m in.

To your left is Cafe Panorama, the western restaurant of Grand Mercure Hotel located at the heart of Hebei’s Capital that also offers international dishes. Still with minimal accessories, the photo was taken during daytime a couple of months after its soft opening last year. A bright place, simple lines yet elegant. Contemporary dining chairs with velvet upholstery and Regency-style English dining tables.

Lemme share few food photos though. Sorry, they aren’t decent enough. I was still using my old cam (5-year old) and my tummy was already aching after spending hours taking project photos; up and down and around the 26-storey hotel. We had lunch buffet and here are my platters of appetizer and vegetable salad.

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Paru-Parung Bukid

Erwin Ines, cooking and writing from Canada, has decided to jump into the ripples of the butterfly effect. Here is his own take aptly entitled Paru-parong Bukid, which literally translates to “farm butterfly.” The meme’s guidelines are here. – Iska

It’s a dawn of a new day. I have seemingly been into a tunnel of a major trial and tribulation, which I feel I will abandon soon enough. It didn’t work to my expectation or to my desires. I would love to stay, but I know in the long-term or in the near future, this very, very short stint won’t positively workout. This sort of wandering brought me to an episode somewhere, lingering in my head, for about an hour so, specifically about my life here, which is now centred on food. I’ve immersed myself to this liking and went a bit overboard in this journey. I’ve missed a step, again, and I have to reconcile my thoughts and my wants against my urgent needs. In this particular quest, I would love to share my traipsing, my sojourn of eternal bliss, into this new adventure.

I was asked about several things regarding food and being a food aficionado: An Ingredient, A Dish or Recipe, A Meal, A Cookbook, A Chef or Food Personality, and Another Person in my Life. These topics cover most, if not many, of a food lover’s recipe to the past; a comforting sign of remembering those leisurely Sundays with family and friends while reinforcing the present and carving the future that lies somewhere. Below are my loving companion and motivation in the kitchen. They have shaped me as a person as I am now and gave me real inspiration to move on despite the harsh realities of being exposed in a kitchen work life.

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The Butterfly Effect

I could say I am back to foodblogging after a couple of busy months and now Mita the Unofficial Cook has tagged me for “The Butterfly Effect,” a meme created by Dan over at SaltShaker. It really is quite an interesting meme as it made me reflect on the important roles of certain items, events and people that has affected my foodie life. So here is how it goes.

Dan says on The Butterfly Effect
My thought in this meme is food items or events that changed your foodie life. Not some “oh it’s the first time I didn’t put jelly on a peanut butter sandwich and used bananas instead” sort of change, unless you truly feel that affected you profoundly. That’s the key – it affected you profoundly, in some manner. A moment you can look back at and say “that was a defining moment”. The questions are simple, the answers might be harder – an item, person, event, or place that had that effect on you, and why. They don’t have to be big splashy things – sometimes it’s something very small and simple that changes the way we view the world – the famed “butterfly effect” (and I’m not talking about the Aston Kutcher movie). So, to those who want to participate, copy this and pass it on (and, if you’re so inclined, do a trackback to the originating post). Here are your categories:
1. An ingredient
2. A dish, a recipe
3. A meal (in a restaurant, a home, or elsewhere)
4. A cookbook or other written work
5. A food ‘personality’ (chef, writer, etc.)
6. Another person in your life

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A Foodbloggers Meme Around The World

I’ve had few busy weeks but today I found the time to do this interesting foodbloggers meme. In Our Kitchen‘s JMom has tagged me. 1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try. Bookmarked for months, no time to do. Chinese Sweet & Sour Pork – Like Stef, I’ve had enough of sweet and sour pork that’s either too sour or too sweet, too thick and gluey. This dish plus more Asian recipes from Noodles and Rice. Tom Kar Kai (Spicy Chicken Coconut Soup) – I like Thai food and this one from Thess of Eet … Continue reading A Foodbloggers Meme Around The World

childhood food memories meme

For somebody like me who is new in the world of blogs & bloggers, it’s a pleasure to be tagged by Karen for this meme, which by the time I was informed about it, it was like whoa! What is a meme? I was absolutely clueless. I don’t even know how it is supposed to be pronounced. So I quickly researched for the meaning & came up w/ this (just for the few people out there like me who doesn’t know).

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