Scrambled Eggs with Potato and Tuna

When I read Sassy’s potato omelet entry for LP7, I promised myself I’m gonna try it the very next day. I wanna do it exactly how she did it but I have some leftover tuna chunks that I decided to include them in mine. Ingredients: 3 eggs, beaten leftover tuna chunks 1 large potato, cut into cubes salt & pepper Fry the potatoes until a little bit browned and crispy like French fries. Pour off the excess oil and add in the left-over tuna. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in the eggs and cook slowly, stirring and scraping from … Continue reading Scrambled Eggs with Potato and Tuna

Tortang Talong

I seldom cook meatless tortang talong (aubergine or eggplant frittata) for the reason that I might be the only one to eat it. And yes, I do cook it for myself to enjoy (and others like adobong atay, burong mustasa and nilagang talong) while preparing another dish for the rest of my family. Back home, our torta is always meatless – just the aubergine and the egg and their glorious taste. (Adobong atay – chicken or pork liver cooked in vinegar and spices, burong mustasa – fermented or just simply salted mustard leaves, nilagang talong – boiled aubergine.)

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