Succulent Pan-fried Steak & My 1st Kitchen in NZ

I have been thinking of this post ever since I moved into our 1st apartment in Auckland late last month. Kaso hindi ako makakuha ng magandang shot kaya pwede na ito. And I was always in a rush. So here’s a sneak peek into my brand new kitchen! Nothing spectacular, just a cozy, efficient one with a breakfast bar that separates it from the living spaces. I’d probably take a more decent photo when my budget allows me to spend for accessories and bar chairs.

The steak…

NZ beef and lamb is just so tender, flavorful and gorgeous. It’s remarkably simple and quick to prepare and for a busy working mom, it’s always a good idea to have a fabulous steak dinner at least once a week.

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For some reason bistek is commonly known as the Philippine version of the western-style beef steak. As for me I couldn’t find any similarity unless of course other people’s bistek is different from what I learnt from my folks. Nevertheless I love this dish – saucy, tangy what with the kalamansi flavor and oh so appetizing I couldn’t stop getting myself few more cups of extra rice to go with it.

The good thing about this Pinoy steak is that you don’t have to buy the most expensive parts like those from the loin. Not everyone can afford it anyway so the much less expensive and less tender but usually more flavorful are just fine. Cut the beef thinly and always remember to pound each slice lightly with the back of a kitchen knife to tenderize, and of course a little over than just few minutes of cooking time. It’s also a famous carinderia recipe.

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