Lasang Pinoy 23: Braised Pork Spareribs

My 1st month back in Auckland has been really stressful, won’t elaborate on that as I don’t wanna bore you with my angst. It would be better if I just share a recipe for Lasang Pinoy 23. I am late, sorry Lorraine, but here it is… braised pork spareribs. An old photo of one I cooked back in Beijing either during a very busy day or a matter of “this-is-what’s-left-to-cook.”

This is so simple with very basic ingredients and I did pan-fry the spare ribs before slow-cooking but you can omit that part and it would taste just as good.

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Braised Boneless Pata

I could have easily call this dish humba or even hamonadong pata but certain ingredients are missing such as bean curd, tausi (salted black beans), or pineapple and I don’t intend to confuse my readers with regards to the Philippine cuisine. As I am already perplexed with names and what ingredient goes into what recipe, I choose to simply call it – braised boneless pata. With a decent piece of pork leg and staple pantry items, here’s another melt-in-your-mouth dish.

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A Simple Chinese Chicken Recipe

Yeah it’s been a while I know. I’ve been really busy meeting submission deadlines, a larger than usual pile on my table that I only had time to write about Lasang Pinoy. And of course a lot of extracurricular activities not to mention the amount of time I spent updating the links in this blog.

So let’s get back to what I think I do best… whipping up some quick recipes with my limited time and whatever I find inside the pantry. Ahh I found this bottle of Chinese marinade. What’s in it? Only the Chinese knows but I spent few renminbi for it. Here’s what I did with it on chicken wings and few spices.

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Beef Toppings

What I had in mind actually is beef pares. This is already my 2nd attempt and my official tagatikim (food taster) thought what I did here is very similar to the one served in our favorite restaurant back home. Still we believe a stronger flavor would do the trick. My guess is star anise. I purposely omit it as we don’t really like too ‘Chinese’ tasting dish but I will definitely stir it in next time. I was also lazy to add in cornstarch to make thicker sauce so for the meantime, I will call this dish simply beef toppings. The hard-boiled egg in the photo? Well, I felt like I wanted to add some in the stew.

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