Banana Muffins with Cinnamon Frosting

I found this fabulous recipe book on sale when we were shopping for Christmas gifts and I’m quite satisfied with the million menus each with beautiful photos inside. It also has a section for desserts, may not be much but really good ones. The first time I peeked through, I already had my eye on this banana muffin recipe.

The first time I tried this recipe I must have mixed more banana than necessary. The taste was right but the texture isn’t. The 2nd time around, it’s perfect. They all made it through my box of Christmas goodies.

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Antonio’s Xmas Party

The 1st term of Antonio’s schoolyear has ended with a Christmas party – a potluck party like how it was last year. As expected I didn’t cook anything for a party of 5 boys and +/-12 girls but bought cookies and donnettes from the nearest dependable bakeshop. The price is reasonable though may be on the expensive side by local Chinese standard. I carefully packed them in plastic plates and aluminum foil and wrapped them in handmade Christmas packages. The stingy, thrifty mom I am, I cut off few pages from one of our wallpaper sample catalogues and use them as gift wrappers. Wallpaper material with green and gold damask pattern and fuchsia ribbons. Kartonite et al. Neat!

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LP16-2: Crispy Fried Chicken

ate's fruit salad last xmasSince we lived far away from relatives, most of our Noche Buena feasts were spent at home with few family friends dropping by after dinner and Christmas day itself was almost always a private gathering. As a child I remember there were only few houses in our neighborhood and the closest would bring over a bowlful of fruit salad and my mom in return would give a tray of bihon guisado (fried noodles). Everyone loves food and at Christmastime giving something homemade means so much more. But much like my online friend and blog contributor Erwin, I have fond memories of lechong manok at pritong manok (grilled and fried chicken).

Lechong manok became very popular during my late teens and just in time when our family reunions during the Christmas holidays became a tradition. This annual get-together event has now evolved into a potluck party and kicks off just before the season ends. Though my dad prefers bringing the ever-easy hamonado (fatty pork cooked with pineapple chunks and spices, photo shown below) and my titas usually request for my sister to bring fresh mussels for grilling or baking (not to mention my craving for original chunky buko pie that only dad knows where to get), time and availability is a hindrance and the smell of grilled chicken along the highway always offer the obvious solution sans the creativity of a beautiful tin or basket.

looks like adobo i know... but it's dad's hamonado last xmas

But as a child, fried chicken was the epitome of all holy and great and festive in my young mind that I wasn’t the least interested in the other sumptuous dishes however fabulous and tedious the preparation may be. I could devour more than half a chicken – huge enough for the thin kid I was – brown and juicy with delectable crisp skin. I’d be in a corner eating with much gusto, without rice or any side dish but a bottle of ice-cold Coke and the adults won’t hear a thing. Antonio (Cean prefers that name now) is very much like the 5-year old that I was. He’d check out everything served on the table and choose only one that he likes and I can guarantee it would be fried chicken with plain rice over anything else. I just have to make sure there is a bottle of ketchup next to him. By the time the party’s over, his godparents/grandparents already knew what to put together for him – a take-home package of his favorite food that would be thoroughly enjoyed and devoured before the day is out.

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