Thai Green Curry

I love Thai food (and anything Southeast-Asian) and that is a fact. It all started when I fell in love with authentic Tom Yam soup and Mango Fish served home-style in a restaurant managed and operated by our company’s Thai staff back in Brunei. Its distinct taste is just something we crave that we regularly frequent a small but cozy Thai restaurant in Yong An Li. Though there are few recipes I bookmarked for quite sometime now but have yet to recreate, particularly from Eet Smakelijk!, this is the first time I had the time (and the heart) to try. I happened to find a packet of Thai Green Curry Paste a week ago with a recipe attached that is surprisingly easy. Of course, I didn’t follow it exactly as written; made a few alterations on the how-to and voila! My first time to cook Thai! I’d say the result’s a success what with the added Thai spice in our lives for lunch.

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Simple Curried Chicken Wings

What dish would you prepare in a busy day when you find out you only have chicken wings inside your refrigerator? Ah… one can think of a lot of things I would say. Oh well, I also found two pieces of potatoes, the usual spices and curry powder. Tada! A simple curried chicken dish. Yeah yeah, no coconut milk and other things so I refuse to call it chicken curry… but it’s finger-lickin’ good! ;-)

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Chinese Chicken Curry

I find the local northern Chinese curry similar to ours though I don’t think they add coconut milk. Nevertheless, I enjoy their version. Coconuts must be shipped in from the tropical southern part and they’re being sold for about 5-10RMB. That is pretty expensive by Beijing standards!

So here is my chicken curry cooked in a seductive blend of coconut milk (Thai and canned), yellow curry, spicy red bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and Chinese wine. Chi fan!


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Chicken & Pork Curry

By this time, I’ve already moved 3x! Anyways, just scroll down to read more about the recipe!
Welcome to my new site! I got the idea from Mike (thanks to u) who few days ago moved his blog. Just bear w/ me ’cause I’m not yet done w/ customization & everything. Right now you may find links to the Lasang Pinoy Food Events, a page dedicated to pinoy food bloggers and another one that shows random feeds from their RSS/Atom enabled sites. i know that my list isn’t complete, I am still new in this blog world, so anybody out there I missed out pls let me know, email me. I would also like to invite you pinoy bloggers out there to join the 3rd Lasang Pinoy event about pinoy street food. You may also find in the sidebar a poll related to it. Everybody is welcome to participate!

Back to my food blogging…

I guess the way to start this site is to blog about the Filipino curry that I’ve always loved. I never liked the Indian curry in some southeast asian countries but I’ve learned to love the nyonya version. I even like it spicy. Moreover, the Beijing counterpart is very much similar to ours. But what’s embarrassing for me is that I’ve experimented on this recipe only recently. This isn’t a dish common in our dining table and recipes online vary so I just decide which ingredient to add or omit and my version ended up w/ tomatoes & ginger & green bell pepper. Anyways, it turned out quite good that my sister, who just visited me here in Beijing for 3 weeks, said she’s gonna tell mom & dad how good my cooking is nowadays.

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