Sinaing na Salmon?

Yeesss! Fresh salmon fish head is cheap and probably every single pinoy family I know in this part of the world use it for sinigang! And so the day came when I sort of think what’s good for sinigang must also be good for sinaing. Galing ko ano? Alternative to tulingan wala na naman akong magawa hehehehe…

Tried it twice already as a side dish. The result? The kiddo said “nanay, it’s so delicious!” Need I say more?

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Spanish-Style Sardines with a Twist

I’ve been busy playing around with my new gallery that I’m not done yet on checking out LP15‘s recipes about recycled food. (Oh please do check it out when you have time; will upload more Beijing photos.) I’ve been thinking about cooking Spanish-style sardines but ended up making my own experiment. I didn’t have pickles and carrots at that time and chili isn’t always a good idea with my boy, so I concocted a recipe with ginger and pork fat. The ginger gives it a kick but may be omitted if undesired; chili I think is still the best. The … Continue reading Spanish-Style Sardines with a Twist

Pan-fried Fish Fillet and Pasta

The staple of the Filipino food is rice but for the sake of variety I sometimes prepare bread or noodle or corn for the much needed daily carbohydrate intake. Here, I pan-fried few processed fish fillets and served them with pasta tossed in olive oil, parsley, Italian herbs and parmesan cheese – another easy to prepare dish as well as a truly mouth-watering meal!

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Steamed Tilapia in Lemon & Pork Fat

Oh how I love my mom’s steamed tuna or sinaing na tulingan (my most requested dish from her whenever I’m back home on vacation) but we bought tilapia so I have to work my way into this fish just to satisfy my cravings.This is a typical dish from my mom’s hometown & she can cook it w/ as much variety (such as other types of fish w/ banana leaves as covering) as I can remember w/ her eyes closed. But the recipe I’m about to share is another edible experiment of mine. 1st thing, not tuna but tilapia. 2nd thing, instead of the famous dried kamias or bilimbi, I used lemon (always my dear substitute for any souring agent like tamarind or kalamansi).

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Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce

My cooking is always a mixture of what I learnt from my parents (that means sure recipes) & tips from friends plus my own research on the net. This one is something that my mom taught me, plus some tips from cean’s yaya (she makes great steamed fish as a result of working 10 years in HK) & my own added flavors as a result of my experimenting. Our dinner – steamed fish in soy sauce. (If there would be leftovers, make some fishballs.)

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