Kai Yang (Thai Aromatic Garlic Chicken)

Just wanna share this Kai Yang chicken dish I prepared few months ago back in Beijing. Oh this one is easy. I used a little help from a packet of Thai instant marinade mixture. The packet says it has soybean oil, sugar, garlic, soy sauce, salt, lemongrass, coriander, pepper, tumeric, so if we don’t have it maybe we can just buy these ingredients and come up with something pretty similar. Grilled or deep-fried.

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Thai Green Curry

I love Thai food (and anything Southeast-Asian) and that is a fact. It all started when I fell in love with authentic Tom Yam soup and Mango Fish served home-style in a restaurant managed and operated by our company’s Thai staff back in Brunei. Its distinct taste is just something we crave that we regularly frequent a small but cozy Thai restaurant in Yong An Li. Though there are few recipes I bookmarked for quite sometime now but have yet to recreate, particularly from Eet Smakelijk!, this is the first time I had the time (and the heart) to try. I happened to find a packet of Thai Green Curry Paste a week ago with a recipe attached that is surprisingly easy. Of course, I didn’t follow it exactly as written; made a few alterations on the how-to and voila! My first time to cook Thai! I’d say the result’s a success what with the added Thai spice in our lives for lunch.

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