Pork and Peapods Stir-fry

Outstation again and I’m calling it a day after hours of working on a new project. But before I take a shower and watch the season finale of CSI tonight at AXN Asia, lemme share this recipe; another variation of peapods stir-fry. (Yeah, I have all my food photos with me for blogging hehehehehe….) Not only a much simpler method than the one with cornstarch for a thicker sauce, this is also about meat and vegetables in its natural flavor you’re gonna love even the crunchy onion slices.

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Upo Guisado with Shredded Daing

I’ve been cooking stir-fry dishes Chinese style for so long I miss the way mom does it – gulay guisado Pinoy-style (Philippine-style sauteed vegetables). This takes additional minutes of cooking time. Meat isn’t cooked over high heat for few minutes or so. Instead, cooked with its own juice over low heat until it renders fat. Here is ginisang upo with daing (sauteed bottle gourd with dried fish) – one of those simple, easy-to-cook, everyday Pinoy dishes.

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Stir-fry Chicken and Baguio Beans

Here is a stir-fry recipe that is neither Chinese nor Filipino but a combination of both. Chinese stir-fry veggies normally have ginger and thick sauce while I grew up with ginisang sari-saring gulay (mixed vegetables) with tomatoes and no ginger. Mom’s gulay guisado is never about high heat and meat is always cooked longer. So, I took out the ginger, retained the tomato flavor and cooked it the way I love Chinese stir-fry dishes – the thick sauce and of course, how fast we can prepare a meal this way.

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Stir-fry Pork with Peapods

I remember those days a long time ago every time we were in a Chinese restaurant I always wonder how they can cook the meat so tender in such a short time whilst the vegetable remain crisp and the sauce thick and bubbly. I observed firsthand a real northern Chinese cook their veggies (of course, ate Vi our enterpreter here), tried few stir-fry recipes I found online, discovered the technique myself and now I couldn’t stop experimenting w/ different vegetables.
Here’s another easy stir-fry recipe for those like me w/ a busy sched. You may replace the pork here with beef and the cooking time is still the same as long as the meat is thinly sliced.

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