Shrimps, Pumpkin and Long Beans in Coconut Milk

Though I still maintain a balanced diet for me and my family, I think being-slender-is-in-my-genes-I-can-eat-what-I-want is no longer the right attitude. Carbs and fats are slowly yet surely getting into my system (and metabolism) nowadays. Ahaha yeah… I had my wake-up call. The website of a magazine for expats in Beijing has our photo in their gallery and… my goodness! They should have told me they’ll take my picture so I was able to hold my breath for a while and say ‘cheese’. I definitely put on some weight… or is it just the angle? On a lighter note, that particular photo captured A and I in one of our moments in our sweetest smiles.

Oh well… and so I decided to cut on my rice intake and eat more veggies instead. Without the usual 4-hour brisk walking for the next 2 months, I hope this works. Haha enough sulking.

I still have a cup of coconut milk left from the Thai Green Curry I cooked the other day and instantly I thought about setting it aside for a veggie dish. I bought the usual shrimps and decided to use a bowlful for guinataang gulay (vegetable in coconut milk). Yummy! Our lunch last Saturday!

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Buttered Mussels & Herbs

I cooked mussels with lemon few weeks ago – reminiscent of quilo babi, enjoyed it very much, but still didn’t get over my sinful cravings for baked tahong. Then I accidentally googled this recipe on baked tahong without an oven and it reminded me of how my cousin did it 2 Christmases ago back in Manila. And so I came up with this tasty buttered tahong mixed with Parmesan Cheese and Italian herbs very much similar to Edwin‘s cooking suggestions.

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Mussels and Lemon

Dreaming about baked tahong for months I bought a packet of frozen mussels but decided on trying something new. I remember reading about fried mussels or clams drizzled with lemon and so I ended up with this simple but fabulous appetizer. Ingredients: Frozen mussels 1 onion, diced 4 tbsp of crushed garlic 1 small lemon salt and pepper olive oil Squeeze lemon juice on the mussels. Take out the seeds. Sprinkle salt and pepper and stir in the diced onions. Mix thoroughly and marinate for at least an hour. Heat olive oil in a pan. Stir-fry garlic until fragrant. Add … Continue reading Mussels and Lemon

Stuffed Pusit 2

LP8 is done and I am quite happy with the results. A bit tiring what with all the excitement and jitters and a rush project at the same time! (Tensed for what? Hmmm maybe thinking about how many would participate…

Normal life resumes (tee hee!) and I wanna share this stuffed pusit (squid) recipe. I did this a week after I cooked my calamari relleno. We all liked it and so I thought another round won’t hurt. No minced meat this time around but instead I chopped the head and tentacles and include them in the filling. Below is basically the same recipe but of course amended according to what I did here.

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Calamari Relleno

For my kind of work, I read or browse tru mags and books or surf the net for inspiration before I start conceptualizing for new designs. It goes without saying that I also do this to plan ahead about what to cook. As I always check out fellow pinoy food blogs for recipes I haven’t tried or the ones that seems forgotten, I found one about stuffed pusit (squid) that teleported me back to my dad’s old office when I was a little girl. There was some kind of a celebration, must be the opening of the office itself or the company’s anniversary, and one of mom’s main dish was a huge stuffed squid.

How I did it here is slightly different from how she prepared hers as I watched the whole process. The squid she cooked was really gigantic it looked bloated w/ filling, the ends closed w/ stitches. She deep fried the squid w/ oil while I chose to roll mine on butter. But the rest of the procedure and ingredients are exactly the same. The result – wonderfully tender squid stuffed with minced pork, onions, garlic and tomatoes.

I’ve also read about the tentacles being chopped and included in the filling. In another recipe, raw egg is also to be blended with the meat mixture. All these I will surely try next time. In the meantime, here is how I did it.

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