Chicken Hamonado

I have loads of food pictures in my files but I chose this chicken recipe as I happen to run through an article about bird flu. Apparently, China closes all Beijing poultry markets.

Tsk tsk. What’s gonna happen w/ all the KFCs around when there are more than a hundred outlets in Beijing alone? There was also another article that says they open over 250 restaurants a year in China and operates in every Chinese province and region except Tibet. Hmmmm… but then, they were asked to stay out of Tibet.

Just when I am having some serious craving for chicken curry. Anyways, here’s my chicken hamonado recipe similar to my pork hamonado.

1 large chicken thigh/leg
1 tbsp. of crushed garlic
1 onion, chopped
soy sauce
3 tbsp. of oyster sauce
3 tbsp of vinegar (you may replace this w/ pineapple juice)
2 tbsp. of sugar
salt & crushed peppercorns

Mix the above ingredients with enough water, about half an inch above the chicken, and simmer until the sauce is thick & almost dry. Easy, right? Here is more about hamonado.

It was the death of a chicken that finally strengthened my resolve to become vegetarian. – Dalai Lama

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About The Author: Iska

I am not a professional cook. My only claim to having a culinary background is a short stint as my dad’s teen ‘sous chef’ in his carinderia ages ago. Dad ran small eateries since I was a young kid - serving standard ‘turo-turo’ food ranging from the likes of menudo, adobo, pritong isda, dinuguan, binagoongan, bopis, munggo, pinakbet and giniling to merienda fares like goto, ginataan, pancit bihon, halu-halo and saging con yelo. My father, a farmer in his hometown before working his way to becoming an accountant, definitely influenced my cooking in a lot of ways than I thought. My siblings and I were raised in a backyard full of fruit trees and vegetable garden. We spent weekends and the summer breaks running around with ducks, chickens, goats and pigs. I had wonderful memories of gathering eggs, butchering chickens, selling vegetables and the sweet aroma of preserved fruits. But my love for art led me to a degree in Architecture. Just few months after getting my license, I went abroad and lived independently at age 23. Definitely no maid, no cook, and a totally different food culture. Along the way I met lots of friends and spent what seemed a lifetime learning new tricks and recipes. Now living in Auckland, I am a work-from-home mum who juggles time between work, fun and family - in pursuit of work-life balance. No matter how busy I am, I love the idea of cooking for my family. My blog chronicles home cooking greatly influenced by life outside my home country from Southeast Asia to Beijing and Auckland. And most of the time, being busy also means easy (sometimes quick), affordable meals.

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  1. bajan_chic says:

    i know..i am living in beijing apparently we will all very soon be eggless and chickenless… zen me ban??? i also have your link on my site check it out

  2. iska says:

    hi bajan chic! now i managed to check out ur blog. it’s interesting :) i’ll hav ur link here once i am done w/ my customization…

  3. glenda says:

    i like your recipe.
    thanks for posting it, am just newbie cook :-(
    hope i could do justice to ur post.

  4. vangie says:

    I love this recipe, i miss lots of filipino food, hard to cook some of my filipino food here in the states, really hard to find some filipino recipe. but thanks for your simple but delicious recipe. you made my lunch happy.

  5. iska says:

    hi glenda & vangie! thanks for visiting my site. im also glad u love the recipe! actually what i cook parating madali lang. occassionally lang ang tedious kac im also working. so u wud really find lots of easy stuff in my blog :) don’t worry i still hav lots of these easy recipes to post…

  6. […] Quite busy for weeks I didn’t have time to blog so here’s another easy recipe. It’s basically the same as my 1st chicken hamonado post but instead of fruit juice, I used what was left of our raisin snack. […]

  7. […] Combine the marinade with garlic and mix thoroughly with the chicken parts. Marinate overnight and deep-fry the next day until golden brown. A yummy alternative to my usual concoctions such as adobo, hamonado, salt and pepper, and barbeque flavor. Can’t find the recipe you’re looking for? Click on the PULL string above to browse, check out Iska’s Recipes or the category archive. […]

  8. housekeeper says:

    Hello po! Gusto ko po i-try itong recipe ng chicken hamonado. Tanong ko lang po… mga gaano karaming soy sauce po ang kailangan? Thank you.

  9. iska says:

    kalimitang ginagawa ko ay isang tasang soy sauce. kung ayaw mo naman
    ng masyadong maitim ay pwede naman mga kalahating tasa lamang…

    Happy cooking!

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