Lasang Pinoy 23: Braised Pork Spareribs

My 1st month back in Auckland has been really stressful, won’t elaborate on that as I don’t wanna bore you with my angst. It would be better if I just share a recipe for Lasang Pinoy 23. I am late, sorry Lorraine, but here it is… braised pork spareribs. An old photo of one I cooked back in Beijing either during a very busy day or a matter of “this-is-what’s-left-to-cook.”

This is so simple with very basic ingredients and I did pan-fry the spare ribs before slow-cooking but you can omit that part and it would taste just as good.

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Boneless Crispy Pata

My teammate has resigned (oh my, oh why? should I be worried?) and yesterday lunch was some sort of a farewell gathering for him. After scanning the menu I finally ordered Singapore Fried Noodles. Wala lang. Not nice. Ba’t kaya ganon? I’ve been around frequenting Asian restaurants, canteen, even crazy noodle houses and stuff like that but I can only name 1 or 2 that are really good. Hmm… I’ve never really been around a lot anyway so I still have a lifetime to find that perfect place to quench my occasional craving. Should have been back to my regular cooking.

Crispy pata has become my craving of the week lately. How I miss crunching crispy mouth-watering pork rind with succulent meat inside. So for the meantime, I am stuck here staring tulo-laway at the photo of this crispy delight I cooked months ago back in Beijing.

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Meatballs in Sweet & Sour Sauce

I found frozen meatballs as I was unpacking our grocery bags. Obviously A grabbed a pack as it says ‘Italian Meatballs.’ Oh well I know right away it can’t be truly Italian. I fried a ball and yeah it has some Chinese sausage flavor in it. Not bad. Not bad but definitely un-Italian. I’m quite sure if I serve them plain and fried with ketchup they’d eat only few pieces. (Or maybe I am speaking for myself hehehehe…) And so my sweet and sour sauce saves the day! Also good for lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken nuggets, etc.

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