Pinoy Spaghetti

I just had another one of my very few cooking adventures in NZ. My friend’s sis K celebrated her birthday and I whipped up spaghetti Bolognese with a hint of pinoy of course. What with the sausages and a little sugar and whatnots… the kids just love it! Uhmm… yeah the “big kids” love it, too.

Before I go on with the how-to, I apologize for not having a photo of it taken. I was kinda busy that day photographing people instead of food (so un-me). Above was taken back in Beijing, cooked in a similar way though but with Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese.

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Pan-fried Fish Fillet and Pasta

The staple of the Filipino food is rice but for the sake of variety I sometimes prepare bread or noodle or corn for the much needed daily carbohydrate intake. Here, I pan-fried few processed fish fillets and served them with pasta tossed in olive oil, parsley, Italian herbs and parmesan cheese – another easy to prepare dish as well as a truly mouth-watering meal!

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spaghetti & pasta soup

It took me years to perfect my spaghetti. Although it’s a very easy dish to cook (as I think it is now), I started cooking Italian only about 5 years ago. I bought a small recipe book about how to cook simple Italian dishes. My version of spaghetti is an asian fusion (or whatever that means he he he) – sweet spaghetti everybody loves back home w/ some Italian touch ala-Sopranos (this is what I get from watching it).

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